Boardwalk Empress

Ok somebody explain this to me - they’re blackmailing Narcisse to get him to be an informant on Mr Garvey? in exchange for not deporting him - fine. But if they’re blaming Agent Tolliver’s death on an unidentified colored person - wouldn’t Eli be off the hook? and are they just doing this because they don’t like Agent Tolliver and they don’t give a shit if somebody murdered him - they’re just gonna use the situation to their advantage? O_o Explain, please. Why would they just let Eli go? and how do they know he’s dead? did they find his body? They never showed it - I don’t get it. Eli usually buries em in a hole out in the boonies.Β 

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  2. guido-from-london said: I totally missed that. I really hate Edgar. But this makes more sense, guess he doesn’t care to take Nucky down, he’s obsessed with Marcus Garvey.
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